In a consumer driven market, retailers are expected to deliver relevant content to the customer at the right time with the right message. Consumers are looking for an experience, not just a product. But how do you deliver this message to the right person when you don’t know who they are? With many retailers storing their data in spreadsheets and across multiple platforms, gaining customer insight can be harder than you think.

Ascent360 is here to help you integrate unconnected sources of data to help you better understand your customer. With our retail marketing software, we are then able to build a more complete customer profile, gaining insight that gives you the ability to create engaging dynamic content that speaks to your customer on a more intimate level, thus providing more value than your competition. With a gained sense of loyalty with your customer, you are able to move from a one-time interaction to a lifelong conversation.

How Do We Do This?

Build the Core

It all starts with the customer database. Ascent360 helps you clean up and combine multiple sources of data by feeding all data sources including point of sale, eCommerce, email sign up, and event sign up into one cloud-based customer database. Upon loading, the system will remove duplicate records, assign gender and update any records according to the National Change of Address (NCOA) and other US and Canadian public records processing.

Know Your Customer

Now that the data is in a single location, we are able to get a full 360° view of who your customer is: View reports on demographics, lifetime value, RFM and more. Want more information? We work with you to append any information you feel is missing from your customer database in order to enable you to segment and market the best way you see fit.

Communicate and Grow Revenue

Sending database-wide blast marketing messages is a thing of the past. You need to know your customer and speak directly to them if you want them to convert. Building targeted and dynamic marketing campaigns allows you to send segmented campaigns to multiple groups of consumers with messaging relevant to them. Sending automated messaging after a purchase, when they have abandoned their shopping cart, or after signing up for your emails makes the consumer feel like you care and that they are a part of your family. After all, they are buying an experience, not just a product. If you fail to give them the experience, they are not likely to return.

Grow the Database

Acquiring new customers can be a challenging and expensive task. We help you identify your best customers, build a profile around them, and target your message to people that look just like them. Through channels such as retargeting, display and social media contests you are able to hone in on the best prospects and display your ad to those specific people. Your message matters, but only to the right audience.

Build Loyalty

Loyalty can go a long way in the retail space, especially since it can help you capture offline, in store transaction history. Gaining a customer for life is much more valuable than a one-time purchaser. Implementing a loyalty program will help the customer see value in your product, keep you top of mind, and allow you the ability to provide an incentive to come back for repeat visits. A loyalty program doesn’t need to be complicated, rather it can be as simple as sending someone an email on their birthday, a gesture that coveys you are more than a company, you are a community.