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Trust Your Data

Every marketer feels the pain of dirty data. It’s frustrating and time consuming to find what you need and then worry about the accuracy. What’s more, when marketing decisions are based off faulty data, results are questionable. Study after study shows marketers need to care about the quality of their data because otherwise marketing spend is wasted.

Clean Data is the Key to Authentic Engagement

Hygiene Engine

We ingest dirty data, parse, standardize, de-duplicate, compare it and then send that cleansed data on to the next step in the process.

Matching Engine

We do phonetic, email, household, residence and custom matching to ensure data integrity.

Optimization Engine

Our Optimization Engine confirms you have the best name, email, geolocation and even assigns a gender.

Enhancement Engine

By combining over 50 variables, we make sense of your data to get things like: RFM score, GDPR, CASL, CAN-SPAM and CCPA status.

Expansion Engine

With our proprietary technology, we find critical missing information you need to market directly to your customers. Clients typically see a 35-75% increase the first year and 5-10% expansion thereafter.

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