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Sometimes it just takes the right introduction.

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The Ascent360 Client Success Team is your growth partner. We dedicate time and expertise to develop a series of proven marketing campaigns (plays) that immediately show you the value of the platform. 

To help you on your way, we have playbooks for resorts, retail and brands that we openly share. Rest assured, every client gets a customized strategy that together we activate and measure.

Get started with your Marketing Playbook – 10 Data-driven Campaigns Everyone Should be running.



Thriving Together in Tough Economic Times With Data 1st Marketing Automation

Thriving Together in Tough Economic Times With Data 1st Marketing Automation In support of our customers and businesses that have…



Smart Plays for Better Email Marketing With Ascent360

As we enter 2020, email remains a crucial tool for marketers. With a 4400% return on investment (ROI) — $44 for every $1 spent — it’s the most effective, affordable way to engage with audiences at scale. So why aren’t you seeing results?



Escape The Hype Cycle: Ascent360 Leads With Results-Oriented Marketing

If you’re a customer data platform (CDP) vendor, you’re probably feeling pretty good right now. I hate to break it…

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Product Information

How to Achieve Advanced Personalization

In 10 minutes learn the difference between name tokens and dynamic content and personalization that increases opens, conversions and drives revenue.

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Marketing Information

How to Own Your Customers - No Matter Where They Purchase

Brands and Retailers are challenged to understand exactly who their customers are when they purchase on Amazon or at other…

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Case Study

Mission Ridge Makes Smart Marketing Decisions with Ascent360 Customer Data Platform

Ski School Director Jodi Taggart at Mission Ridge is using the Ascent360 CDP to target the right skiers and snowboarders at the right time.

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We guarantee at least a 2X ROI within the first year.

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