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Mont-Orford Chose Ascent360 to Bring the Resort to New Heights

Ascent360’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and industry specific marketing expertise helps resort increase visitors.

Golden, Colorado — April 25, 2019 — Today, Ascent360, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for mid-market companies, announced that Mont-Orford is joining the long list of ski resorts that trust the company’s CDP to enable authentic relationships with their prospects and customers. 

Located in the Mont-Orford National Park in the eastern region of Quebec, Canada, the resort offers year-round activities for thousands of visitors.  Mont-Orford wanted to ensure ultimate customer understanding and to develop specific offers with a perfect knowledge of its consumers.

The resort is collecting information that visitors consent to provide.  Yet, the data was difficult to access, and analysis was manual.  Mont-Orford needed a system that would make it easy to get a single source of truth for the marketing team to effectively utilize. 

“The Ascent360 platform provides a full picture of our customers and prospects,” said Pascal Mongeau, Mont-Orford general manager.  “Once all our data is harmonized within the Ascent360 platform, the information is then made available to our other marketing systems so we can engage with skiers, riders, golfers, or families taking the gondola to see the fall foliage”.

Mont-Orford selected Ascent360 because of its data expertise and also for its knowledge of marketing best-practices.  They appreciate getting a 360-degree view of each person and the ability to the direct relevant information right from the platform.  The combination of the Ascent360 platform with industry guidance meant Mont-Orford could stay true to its mission of getting generations outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty of the Quebec resort.

“It’s not just about our data platform, we partner with our clients and work with them every step of the way through the process” said Carlos Perez, chief revenue officer at Ascent360.  “By helping marketers improve customer engagement and marketing effectiveness, our clients see near term results and revenue impact year over year.” 

The Ascent360 platform empowers marketing teams to speak to individual consumers based on their immediate circumstances and intent.  Resorts like Mont-Orford can then have a positive impact on each visitor and get them returning season after season.

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PODCAST: How to Capture Data and Use it to Catalyze your Business


PODCAST: How to Capture Data and Use it to Catalyze your Business with Director of Marketing, Laura Hazlett from Ascent360

This week, Laura recorded a podcast with Verde Strategy’s CEO, Kristin Carpenter-Ogden to  discuss Data and Customer-Centric businesses!

Episode Preview: Data, data, data! It’s all anyone can talk about, but HOW do you get it? And once you have it, how do you make it work for you? In today’s episode, our data guru, Laura Hazlett of Ascent360, breaks it down in an easy-to-understand way that will empower you to implement.

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Customer Data Platform vs. Customer Relationship Management Software


The Difference Between a CDP & a CRM

Do you get confused with the three letter acronyms CDP and CRM getting thrown around in the tech world? We can help with that. Gartner reported that 47% of marketing leaders said they already have a CDP in full production and another 19% are in the process. Interestingly, Gartner also reported that over half (52%) identify Salesforce Analytics Builder as their customer data platform.

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How Ascent360 and a Customer Data Platform Can Power Your 2018 Growth

how Ascent360 and a Customer Data Platform can power your 2018 Growth

How Ascent360 and a CDP Can Power Your 2018 Growth

Are you looking into 2018 desiring to power your company’s growth, but not sure where to start? There are countless directions you could go, but if we could tell you one thing, we would say to always start with your data. Believe it or not, your current data is a goldmine just waiting to boost your revenue! And the best way to do that is through a Customer Data Platform. Many people ask us what Ascent360 does, and what a Customer Data Platform actually is. So, in this article we hope to answer most of your questions and give you a comprehensive overview of just that.

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New Download: The Marketing Playbook Guide

The Marketing Playbook

NEW Download: The Marketing Playbook-Guide

Download it here!

With a limited amount of time and resources, it is hard for companies to know which campaigns are the most critical to be launched first and how to use their data to set them up. In this playbook, we will talk through ten data-driven campaigns you should be running along with how to create them. While you are running fast, make sure you take a minute to pause and ensure you have the top campaigns ready to go!

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