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More Customer, More Success

More Customers, More Success

When we combine and enhance disparate data sources, we also grow the size of your marketable database. As part of our integration process, we fill in gaps and can even augment missing information. Factor in daily data acquisition and the total volume increases. In fact, clients see their database grow from 35-75% in the first year and 5-10% every year after. More prospects and customers mean more money – pure and simple.

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Your Growth is Our Passion

Simply Powerful Insights

We strip away data complexity yet increase richness. We show you what customers value on a personal level and suggest campaign tactics.

Better Decisions, Better Experiences

Healthy data is the heart of good decisions. With confidence in your data, you can ensure every touch-point delivers an experience that keeps you top-of-mind.

Anticipate, Don’t Just React

By humanizing data you’ll anticipate what they want and know what and when to sell. Your customers are telling you what they want, now you can understand their signals.

  • Hygiene Engine continually ensures clean data
  • Matching Engine matches contacts to households, emails and other criteria
  • Optimization Engine gives best name, gender, and location
  • Enhancement Engine tells you more about your prospect or customer
  • Expansion Engine appends information to find more of your customers

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We guarantee at least a 2X ROI within the first year.

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