Pushing the Next Purchase: Win Back Emails

Why You Should Have One

Are you looking for ways to get back your customers who you have not seen in a while? Whether they are missing from visiting your brick & mortar store or you just haven’t seen them on your ecom site in forever – a Win Back Campaign that focuses on the “We Miss You!” message is a great way to wake these customers up and encourage them to re-engage with you. Winning back the attention of a previous customer is far more budget friendly than acquiring someone new. So where do you start? First identify the list. Second, focus on creative. We have found that the look and feel of the email (or email stream) is just as important as the subject line you use to entice your customers to come back. Having done a few of these types of campaigns recently for some of our clients, we have developed a good “stash” of sample emails to spark the creative juices for your email design. Third, create an inciting subject line that will get them to engage. A few suggestions of some tried and true subject lines are below.

How It Works

The first step of a Win Back Campaign is to identify the people that you will be targeting. We like to use “activity” as a way to separate out those that are engaging with you from those that are not. When was the last time they purchased and have they purchased again?  If you tend to see a second purchase 60 days after the first, then creating an email campaign to hit them at the 60 day mark is a good place to start. We often suggest an email stream to hit customers 30 days, 60 days and 90 days post purchase. This allows you to remain active in their mind and give them an incentive to purchase again.  Our Audience Selector tool allows you to create these type of segments using a drag and drop interface. Within the campaign you will also want to suppress anyone that has purchased so that they are no longer within the email stream. The audience and the suppression can all be created within Audience Selector and set on a schedule to run every day sending the new list to your email provider and triggering the email. Now that your list is created, it’s time to focus on the message!

Subject Lines That Go Beyond “Please Come Back!!”

“We Miss You!” or “We Miss You – Come Back”

Both of these are straight forward and to the point – no beating around the bush here

“We Miss You Samantha”

You can’t go wrong with a personalized subject line, who doesn’t like to be recognized?

“[Store Name] Misses You”

The Sally Field approach – “You like me, you really really like me!”

“Hey, Long Time No See”

This one shows you notice when your customers haven’t been around in a while – you’re keeping an eye on them, but not in a Big-Brother-y way.

“We’ve Missed You…Come Back and See What We’ve Been Up To!”

The “We’ve Been Busy” approach – it hooks the consumer to make them curious about new changes, while acknowledging they haven’t checked your store out in a while.

“We miss you. This one’s on us”

An incentive or offer is a great way to get people back in the store. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

“Samantha, come back and SAVE 20% – 2 Days Only!”

This combines personalization, specific incetive and a time limit – all ways to get people act fast.

Creative We Love

J.Crew Win Back Email
J.Crew Win Back
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Sun Valley Win Back
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Ballard Designs Win Back
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Winter Park Resort Win Back
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